Monday, March 26, 2012

Nana's blanket part1

I went to help my grandma move on Feb. 27. I noticed a colorful afghan in the corner. I thought it must be Nana’s, but didn’t say anything since we were busy. A little later, when we, were taking a break, I picked it up and started to inspect it. It is made completely of circles sewn together. There must be over a thousand I thought. When she noticed my interest she let me know that I could take it home.  It was not in the best condition. Strands of yarn were loose; some circles had “exploded” when the center ring broke free. There is no way it will survive the washing machine. I started to pull at the loose yarn. Some circles broke entirely free. This blanket needed restoration. The sentimental value behind it prompted me to fix it. What!?! Am I crazy? I must be, because I had several circles loose before I even left her house. 
It has been a month so far and I am only half finished, but it is very rewarding. I have implemented an assembly line system that is very helpful to keep all the different circles separated.
The first step is to take apart the old afghan. Then I take the ends and weave them in. The next step, logically, would be to sew the circles back together, but with what? The strands were too short to begin with. I decided to add black yarn single crocheted around each circle. I did this to help support the older yarn and give me long strands to work with. I am very happy with the results. Once I get many outlined circles finished, I whip stitch them together. Sounds easy enough!
As far as I can tell, there are around 600 circles. Today, I have 280 sewn together. I consider I am half finished, I need the encouragement. This is the longest project I have ever started. I have to let you know, I enjoy the small quick items I can finish in less than a week. My attention span must be getting bigger, I have only stopped a few times for other WIPs (checkbook cover and cake).  I have no plans on giving up on this blanket. My goal to have it finished before Easter may not be achieved, but I know I can be finished before May.

The fringe from the ends. I am not sure if I want to put them back on?

each circle is made up of 20 dc in a ring.
I would use a magic ring, but you can chain 6 and slip stitch to form a ring.
that's it for each yo-yo!

I am using an H hook to single crochet black yarn around each yo-yo, leaving long tails to sew together later.

a great shot of my "assembly line".
I use the plastic bags from new curtains to keep organized.

the first set of redone circles, I'm really liking it!
getting bigger

2 of the square panels together.
I've been making them 5x7 for easy handling, then sewing them together. So far it has worked for me.

1 panel complete=140 circles

1 panel is the top, the other is the bottom.
You can't see very well in this photo, but there are four crosses made , one in each corner.


  1. I like the black yarn outline . . . makes each circle POP!

    Once, a friend dropped off a granny square blanket . . you know the kind . .one large square. SHe had gotten it as a wedding present . . . and even though she was on husband #2, the grandmother who made it for her was special.

    Finally, I figured out how to do it without ripping everything out . . . she was pleased and I was happy.

    1. thanks, i am happy with the black. it's great to breathe life back into an old blanket. i can feel her presence with me. i have snipped the wrong strand once and ripped another, but it's ok. i sit here and think about my grandkids repairing it again in the distant future (my kids are too young to have kids). this is definitely the most rewarding project i have ever done! hopefully in month i will have it complete. :)

  2. what a lovely project! you have taken a piece near death and given it new life. wouldnt it be nice to think maybe one day your grand daughter will have to do the same? a legacy to pass down thru the generations

    1. Thank you and yes, I do! I keep teasing my kids by asking which one of their kids are going to painstakingly take my work apart, just to put it back together. LOL I am getting close to being finished and I'm more excited than ever. The black outline made it a lot larger, so I have 59 circles left over. I can make my grandma a pillow and i won't have to share the blanket :)


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