Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Handlebar 'stache*

I don’t know where they came from, but there are mustaches everywhere. Have you seen the pictures of handlebars with the words “I mustache you a question.” And “I’ll shave it for later. I’ve seen stickers, shower curtains, and even pacifiers showcasing a variety of different style ‘staches.
Mustaches have also seemed to have had an influence on the crochet world as well. There are quite a bit of patterns for bearded beanies. 
However,pattern for a ‘ stache that can stand on their own are harder to come by. An easy one that still looks good is next to impossible, but that’s all about to change.

Handlebar ‘stache

Materials: small amount of ww yarn in desired color, G hook, weaving needle, and a bamboo stick
Make two pieces.  Mark the first stitch in each round. Do not join or chain.
Single crochet 8x into a magic ring. (8sc)
Round 1: 2sc in first st, sc, repeat to end. (12sc)
Round 2: 2sc in first st, sc 2x, repeat to end. (16sc)
Rounds 3&4: sc in each st to end.
Round 5: sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, sc11x. (14sc)
Round 6: sc2tog, sc 4x, repeat to end. (11sc)
Round 7: sc2tog, sc 2x, repeat to end. (8sc)
Round 8: sc in ea st to end.
Round 9: sc2tog, sc 2x, repeat to end. (6sc)
Round 10: sc in ea st to end.
Round 11: sc2tog, sc, repeat to end. (4sc)
Rounds 12-15: sc in ea st to end.
When I have completed round 4 of the second piece, I sew them together firmly using the tails ends. If the pieces are not sewn tight enough, the ends droop. 

You may enjoy my patterns for free, even sell your finished projects, but please DO NOT claim my patterns or photos as your own and DO NOT sell them.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Long braided beanie*

Here is a free pattern for a beanie that reminds me of a story about a girl with very long hair in a tower.  Don’t let this project scare you, it is simple to crochet. It does take more time to cut the strands of yarn for the long braids and to crochet the many flowers, but any little girl would love to have it added to their dress up collection. Just in time to be finished for Halloween, also.

Long braided beanie

What I used:  worsted weight yellow yarn, you can use any hair color, stitch markers, I (5.5mm) hook

What I did:  10 dc in a magic ring. Do not join; use a stitch marker to mark the first stitch of each round.
Round1: 2dc in each stitch. (20dc)
Round2: 2dc in first st, dc in next, repeat to end. (30dc)
Round3: 2dc in first st, dc in next two st. (40 dc)
Round4: 2 dc in first st, dc in next three st. (50dc)
Round5: 2dc in first st, dc in the next four st. (60dc)
Rounds6-10: dc in ea st. (60dc)
Round11: sc in first st, skip two st, 5dc ss, skip two st, sc, repeat to end, ending with a slst. Fasten off and weave in ends. (10shells)

Cut around 90 strands of yarn at 70” long. These are for the braids. I used 1/3 baby weight in a lighter yellow and the rest using the same ww yarn as the hat body. I used stitch markers to mark off the front middle four shells with the end shells being halves. This is my front, I do not tassel the yarn strands here, but in every double crochet stitch that is not in the front. I did not tassel the single crochet stitches.  Take three strands of yarn and fold them in half. Pull the middle through a stitch on the hat making a loop. Now, pull the loose ends through the loop. This is similar to how you would add tassels or fringe. Repeat around to the other side, but remember to only tassel in DCs, not the SCs.
After completing that, divide the hair in half and braid each side. I tied off with a rubber band and then a piece of yarn into a bow. I attached the flowers to clippies and barrettes. This way the braids can be undone and redid, or left undone and combed for play.

Sorry, I am not posting the flower patterns. There are already several beautiful, fun flower patterns available online and I am a busy mom of three with the next few weeks being busier than usual (I feel like I am always say that!). I am sorry, but I wanted to have this hat pattern online in enough time so it can be done before Halloween and I am out of my blog time….. for now.

Happy Hooking!

 You may enjoy my patterns for free, even sell your finished projects, but please DO NOT claim my patterns or photos as your own and DO NOT sell them.