Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Handlebar 'stache*

I don’t know where they came from, but there are mustaches everywhere. Have you seen the pictures of handlebars with the words “I mustache you a question.” And “I’ll shave it for later. I’ve seen stickers, shower curtains, and even pacifiers showcasing a variety of different style ‘staches.
Mustaches have also seemed to have had an influence on the crochet world as well. There are quite a bit of patterns for bearded beanies. 
However,pattern for a ‘ stache that can stand on their own are harder to come by. An easy one that still looks good is next to impossible, but that’s all about to change.

Handlebar ‘stache

Materials: small amount of ww yarn in desired color, G hook, weaving needle, and a bamboo stick
Make two pieces.  Mark the first stitch in each round. Do not join or chain.
Single crochet 8x into a magic ring. (8sc)
Round 1: 2sc in first st, sc, repeat to end. (12sc)
Round 2: 2sc in first st, sc 2x, repeat to end. (16sc)
Rounds 3&4: sc in each st to end.
Round 5: sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, sc11x. (14sc)
Round 6: sc2tog, sc 4x, repeat to end. (11sc)
Round 7: sc2tog, sc 2x, repeat to end. (8sc)
Round 8: sc in ea st to end.
Round 9: sc2tog, sc 2x, repeat to end. (6sc)
Round 10: sc in ea st to end.
Round 11: sc2tog, sc, repeat to end. (4sc)
Rounds 12-15: sc in ea st to end.
When I have completed round 4 of the second piece, I sew them together firmly using the tails ends. If the pieces are not sewn tight enough, the ends droop. 

You may enjoy my patterns for free, even sell your finished projects, but please DO NOT claim my patterns or photos as your own and DO NOT sell them.


  1. What size hook did you use? Thank you so very much for the free pattern!

  2. Hello again, I hope this does not post twice, as I sent my first post and it disappeared.
    I am hoping you will help me understand your pattern better. I am new to crocheting, but am catching on fairly well.
    The first two rounds is where I am tripping up. I made my magic circle with 8 sc on it.
    I follow Round 1 instructions, I add an additional sc in the first st, then sc the rest of the way around. I end up with 9 stitches, (not 12) here.
    Then, for round 2, I do not understand "sc 2x". I put 2 sc in the first st, then sc the rest of the way around, I now have 10 stitches. (Not 16). Am I supposed to put 2 sc in each stitch all the way around?
    It is also starting to form a cup. Would you please describe.
    I love your 'Stache so very much and appreciate that you shared your work.
    I want to make a mustache/ beard hat in the worst way! Please help me understand what I am doing wrong!

    1. row1- sc 2 times in the same stitch, sc once n the next and repeat to end...so you will increasing in every other stitch.
      row2- 2 sc in same stitch, sc 2x.....you will make one increase, then 2 single crochets in the next two stitches.
      I have one tagged post for abbreviations. I tried to stay consistent in each of my patterns. I hope this helps. If you need anything else let me know.


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