Sunday, November 4, 2012

What a doll

Have you seen By Hook, By Hand blog? If not, you are really missing out. I first saw her Teacup Spirit dolls the end of last summer. I had to make one for my daughter and two for my nieces. They have been such a big hit that I thought I would share some photos. My daughter’s friend, Bailee, wanted a blonde doll for her birthday. I had three requests from different people in the same week wanting to purchase dolls, even a “dad” doll.
The pattern directions are extremely detailed. Don’t be so overwhelmed that it discourages you from trying; it is not that difficult. My fingers are not small. Plus I cracked mu knuckles more than once and they are huge. I can’t use the hook size she recommends so I use a D (3.25mm) hook. Other than the doll being tiny, she is possible to crochet. Hopefully your fingers are agile enough; she is so incredibly rewarded to create.


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