Monday, December 3, 2012


I recently went to NYC with my oldest daughter's school choir. I knew our first stop on the itinerary  we were to be at taping of the Today Show on NBC. To attract Al Roker's attention I crocheted a look-alike doll for him. To my surprise it was doppelganger day! I am happy I added a jacket while riding to NYC on our charter bus. It gave me something to crochet to pass the time and I think he looks great with it. We all truly enjoyed an awesome trip. Check out the videos of my daughter and her friends giving it to him on live T.V.
slow motion: I just love the kid's smiles and can't get enough :)


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    1. Thanks, I am telling you, Paula, I still can't believe it!! Feels like a dream. LOL I wish my daughter stood just a little closer, I wanted her there, too, but she was standing to the right side of the screen, just beyond view. The girl who gives it to him is her long time friend, Jezamyn, she really is like my own child also. Another friend, Mariah is the one smiling right behind Jez. I love to watch them bouncing up and down as Al walks away. SO cute!!!


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