Thursday, May 31, 2012

Olivia's dress

At this very moment I have 4 large WIPs and 2 UFOs, which is better than at the beginning of the week. This may be the usual for most crocheters, however, not me. With already too much going on, I decided to stick to the pattern for a nice change of pace.
Sandra Lynn’s Baby Doll Top from Ravlery was my choice for Olivia’s first birthday gift from my family. The complete length is 16” long, so it is a dress for her. I used Baby Bee yarn from Hobby Lobby. Since the skeins hold over 300 yards, this small size doesn’t take very much at all. I can’t give you an accurate measurement because I used half skeins left over from previous dresses.  Here's the link 
to the free pattern I followed.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Nana's pillow

Remember those left over yo-yos?  I made a pillow from the rest for my grandma’s mother’s day gift. My original idea was to make a two-sided pillow, however I ran short of circles. I played with them in all different designs and I still liked a regular square shape. I think you could still display it with either side showing. I did sew the circles together using four stitches instead of three like on the blanket. Now that I’ve seen the ruffle border, I want to add it to my blanket, also!  The ruffles are 4dc in the same stitch, with the corner 3 stitches having 5dc ss. On the backside (the solid black), I used the same stitches as the Easy Does It dishcloth. I wanted something that is quick. It works!  I was able to get the snaps on and the pillow delivered on time. Grandma Rose was happy to receive it. She even mentioned wanting another one to match. I think she will have a tough time, seeing how all of Nana’s yo-yos are done. J   Click here to see Nana's blanket.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

the Misty rag*

I recently participated in a dishcloth swap in a group on Face Book. I found a super quick and easy pattern on Ravelry. It’s called the Easy Does It, you can download it here. I need to send out two dishcloths; one down, one to go. You know I’ve been on a flower frenzy with the floss jewelry. I couldn’t resist creating a pattern to combine this new stitch from the Easy Does It and incorporate a flower, too.  I am so pleased with the results; I’ve made two cloths in two days. This is a project I plan to make several to keep in my extra gift box. I have entertained the idea of crocheting larger towels to match, since I enjoy this pattern so much. I hope you all love it just as much as I do!
The Misty Rag
H hook, cotton yarn
Popcorn stitch: Work 4 dc in the same stitch, drop loop from hook, insert hook from front to back in the top of the first dc of group, then pull dropped loop through stitch and secure with a slip stitch.
Start with the flower: sc 10x in a magic ring. Slip stitch to join.
Row1: ch2 (doesn’t count as a st), 1 popcorn stitch in each sc, slst to first stitch. (10 popcorns, including the ch1 to close each=20st)
Row2: ch2 (doesn’t count as st), 1 popcorn in ea st around, slst to first st. Fasten off and weave in ends. (20 popcorns, including the ch1 to close each=40 st)
Row3: attach new color with a slst; sc in same as joining, sc 8x, 3sc ss, *sc 9x, 3sc ss repeat from* 2x. The 3sc ss creates a corner, you need 4 corners. Do not slip stitch to join. Mark this stitch as your last, use next stitch to start the rounds.
Round4: ch1, skip a st, sc, repeat to center crochet in the first corner, [(sc, ch1) 2x ss, *sc, ch1, sk a st, sc, repeat from* to next corner.] repeat inside the brackets until desired size is achieved.
 Yes it is that simple. This is the same concept as the Easy Does It; single crochet and chain 1, skip a stitch-repeat. The next round on top, you are sc all around the chain stitches, which my hook glides much faster than fighting with the loops. I mean to crochet around all three loops of the chain. This also creates texture for scrubbing. Just be sure to make the corner stitches in the middle chain after the first round.  I went 7 rounds, then ended with a slip stitch. Fasten off and weave in ends.
To finish up, I worked in rows.
Attach new color to any st along one of the sides (not into the corner) and start in joining stitch, *sc in each st to center corner chain, (sc, ch1, sc) ss in corner, repeat from* around. I crocheted around the chain st from the previous round and into the Back Loops Only of the sc from the previous round.  This is simple and creates a neat color effect. End with a slst; fasten off and weave in ends.
Attach new color and sc in each st along the sides and (sc, ch1, sc) ss in corners using BLO. End with a slst; fasten off and weave in ends.

you can use stitch markers to mark every tenth stitch for the corners 

the Easy Does It pattern from Reavelry

coordinating cloths for a dishcloth swap

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