Thursday, May 31, 2012

Olivia's dress

At this very moment I have 4 large WIPs and 2 UFOs, which is better than at the beginning of the week. This may be the usual for most crocheters, however, not me. With already too much going on, I decided to stick to the pattern for a nice change of pace.
Sandra Lynn’s Baby Doll Top from Ravlery was my choice for Olivia’s first birthday gift from my family. The complete length is 16” long, so it is a dress for her. I used Baby Bee yarn from Hobby Lobby. Since the skeins hold over 300 yards, this small size doesn’t take very much at all. I can’t give you an accurate measurement because I used half skeins left over from previous dresses.  Here's the link 
to the free pattern I followed.


  1. Great work! I only have one project at a time going, because if I start a second, the first never gets finished.

    1. thank you, i love crocheting dresses. i can handle one or two projects most of the time. but now i have 2 very cute purses waiting on liners and handles and a scarf that is about 30% done. then i am working on three blankets for christmas gifts, so i am out of control right now :)

    2. Its a good control, enjoy your self

  2. You do the most adorable projects.


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