Friday, May 11, 2012

Nana's pillow

Remember those left over yo-yos?  I made a pillow from the rest for my grandma’s mother’s day gift. My original idea was to make a two-sided pillow, however I ran short of circles. I played with them in all different designs and I still liked a regular square shape. I think you could still display it with either side showing. I did sew the circles together using four stitches instead of three like on the blanket. Now that I’ve seen the ruffle border, I want to add it to my blanket, also!  The ruffles are 4dc in the same stitch, with the corner 3 stitches having 5dc ss. On the backside (the solid black), I used the same stitches as the Easy Does It dishcloth. I wanted something that is quick. It works!  I was able to get the snaps on and the pillow delivered on time. Grandma Rose was happy to receive it. She even mentioned wanting another one to match. I think she will have a tough time, seeing how all of Nana’s yo-yos are done. J   Click here to see Nana's blanket.


  1. que preciosidad de manta y a encantado!

  2. gracias! me encanta mirar tu blog. es muy colorido! buen trabajo


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