Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Trishelle's pink dress

I was making my niece a pink dress for her fourth birthday.  A few weeks before, I took what I had done so far for her to try on. I only had the top portion finished on hers. I also took the matching dress for her little sister that was almost complete. Upon the girl’s inspection, Trishelle realized she wanted to trade dresses with Kaylee because her dress looked as if it would fit her better than her own. I was giggling as I explained to her that neither one are finished but I promised her they both would fit each girl perfectly. What I had so far fit each child, so I was off back home to finish the crochet portions and add the cotton liners.
I began by using this pattern from Ravelry. As long as this isn't your first project, you should be able to follow the pattern with ease. I do remember using shorter chain spaces than she recommended. My skirt portion also deviates from the pattern.
This is my first time crocheting where gauge does matter. The first dress that I made was too small. Probably because I do crochet tight, but I also believe I didn't increase correctly. My second time, I paid more attention to my stitches and kept the yarn looser.

When sewing the liner to the crochet, I put a little tension on the crochet piece. Crochet is meant to stretch to fit. The cotton liner has minimum stretch.  I found this out the hard way when it came out too small the first time.


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