Wednesday, April 25, 2012

chainless foundation

Hello! Here’s a quick post to show you how I make a single crochet foundation row. Since I have learned how to make a chainless row, it has opened up a larger variety of patterns for me to try. If I see a pattern call for ch.100 and turn to single crochet in each stitch, I cringe. There is something about fighting with the loops that will turn me off of crocheting pretty quickly. That is not a problem anymore with the chainless foundation row. This only shows the single crochet foundation row, the one I use in my patterns the most. However, there is also a half-double, as well as a double crochet foundation. They are just as easy, too. Give it a try, you will be glad you did!

make a slip stitch as normal. chain 2.

insert hook into the first chain you made.
other directions always calls for using 2 loops here.  I've never been able to get mine looking good when I  use both loops, so I just use the bottom one.

yarn over and pull through, 2 loops on your hook.

This photo almost looks the same.
yarn over and pull through only ONE of the loops.
This creates the chain, the one you would have made on the first row.
can you see it in the photo?

yarn over and pull through both loops this time.
This creates the single crochet.
The white stitch marker is the bottom of the row, where we will  insert the hook back into.
the blue one shows the top of the row, our first single crochet created.

insert  the hook into the chain, where the white marker is.
yarn over and pull through 1 loop.
yarn and pull through both loops.

2 single crochet done.
just repeat until the desired length is reached.

8 single crochet done.
This technique is made vertically instead of horizontally.
at this point you can chain one and turn your work to crochet back across your row.


  1. LOVE the chainless foundation. Took me FOREVER to get it down pat, but I use it on almost everything now . . . by the way, it gives the necks of baby dresses a finished look without finishing :0}

    1. it is such a life saver :) i used it on everything!


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