Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Embroidery Floss


  1. Wow! Those are just adorable! Did you make them from a pattern? I really love the pink one with the beaded flower in the middle. Could you post a pattern for that one?

    1. Thank you! i dont really use a pattern when i am making jewelry. i look at others ideas and different stitches i want to learn. most are by accident and i cant replicate. LOL
      the pink one with he pearls is an easy one to remember, so you are in luck. :)
      i started with so many sc in a magic ring. (maybe 9 -11)
      in each stitch around, cluster stitch. it is the one where you DONT remove the last 2 loops off the hook and keep dc into the same space. i think i put 4 or 5 dc in each cluster and chain 1 to close and chain 1 for spacing.
      sip stitch to beginning and chain 3, cluster in each stitch again, including the chains for spacing. you will have double the petals in the 2nd row.
      repeat again for the third row.
      for the back i sc in a spiral and kept increasing til it was the same size as the front. use little stuffing and sew together.
      i added the pearls b4 sewing together, they are sewn on as well.
      single crochet foundation chain to your desired length and attach. i would have liked mine longer, but i ran out of this thread. i dont go for long necklaces, but this looks good on me :)i didnt plan on keeping it, but i am.
      if you have any other questions, let me know, i will do my best to help. happy hookin!


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