Monday, July 16, 2012

Carry-all cigarette case*

Ok, I admit. I am a smoker. I’m always on the go and forget the smokes, lighter, cell or wallet. When I do remember all items, I usually drop one or two on the way out the door.  Why do I not just grab my purse?  It’s too big and bulky to take with me on the quick trips, or for instance, to the pool. I want a cute case to carry all my little things I need without toting a suitcase around.
A friend of mine, Michelle, graduated from college this summer. I immediately thought of crocheting her a carry-all case with a kiss clasp, as I’ve seen her juggling a pack and a lighter.
This pattern is super easy and quick. I couldn’t leave it plain; I wanted to try my hand at something special. You can do whatever you choose. Stripes, solid, add a name, who knows? Let your imagination run free.

Carry-all cigarette case
Small amount of any cotton or worsted weight yarn
G/4mm hook, kiss clasp
I started with a single crochet foundation row of 16. Continue crocheting in rows for a total of 8 rows to make a rectangle.
Row9: ch1 sc around the back post of each stitch around the perimeter of the rectangle. This will make the fabric stand straight up, rather than a soft curve.
Row10: ch1, turn. Sc around. Slst to first st to join, ch1 and DON’T turn from here on out.
Row11: sc in Back Loops Only.
Row12: ch1, hdc same st as joining, hdc in ea sc around using both loops.
Row13: ch1, sc around.
Rows14-16: repeat rows 11-13. (scBLO,hdc,sc)
Row17: repeat row 13. (sc)
Row18: ch1, sc ss, sc2tog, sc to next corner, sc2tog, repeat around. (4 decreases, 1 in each corner)
Row19: repeat row13. (sc)
Row20: repeat row 18. (decreases)
Row21: repeat row 12. (hdc)
Row22: repeat row 13. (sc)
Row23: repeat row 11. (scBLO)
Row24: sc, sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, sc 5x, sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, sc. Ch1, turn.
Row25: sc around. Ch1, turn.
Row26: sc, sc2tog, s 7x, sc2tog, sc. Ch1, turn.
Row27: repeat row 25.
Row28: sc in 2nd st, sc 3x, sc2tog, sc3x, slst. Fasten off, leaving a long tail to sew to the clasp.  On one clasp I bought, the holes were too small for yarn, so I used a durable, heavy-duty thread. Don’t be afraid of this project. It is a lot of fun and extremely cute. 

 You may enjoy my patterns for free, even sell your finished projects, but please DO NOT claim my patterns or photos as your own and DO NOT sell them.


  1. Hurray for us smokers/crocheters! Congrats on your honesty; most wouldn't admit it! I'll be making this case for sure--FOR MY CIGARETTES!!!! :)

  2. The concept itself will catch a lot of attention if you’ll try to sell it. With variety of colors and designs, many people will definitely like to own it. But hey, the steps you’ve shown right there is like giving away your craft for free! It’s such a charitable deed! =) Hmm, I think my chain smoker uncle will like it as a gift.

    Shala Ohms

    1. thanks for your kind words! i searched for a cigarette case and coin bag and found no good tutorials. i do sell products, but i do plan to keep patterns free. i love crochet and learned from the nice ppl who posted on utube, so i am just passing on the knowledge. :) i wish i could figure out how to add a donate button....

  3. Thanks for the great pattern. This is exactly what I was looking for. I wish I had found this when. I smoked. Going to make this for a friend. She will love it


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