Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sophie's sweater*

Every time I wear my sweater, which is all the time, someone hints for me to make them one.  Here’s the first finished, for my daughter.  It is similar on the top, but the shells are tighter. I think this pattern is easier than My sweater. It is the same size, only shorter. I hope you enjoy it.

Sophie’s sweater
Materials: Caron Simply Soft yarn, 2 colors
            I and H hooks, 2 buttons
Chain 11, place a stitch marker, ch16, mark, ch21, mark, ch16, mark, ch12.
Row1: hdc in second ch from hook and in each st across except for the marked stitches; hdc, ch1, hdc in each marked stitch across. Ch2, turn.
Rows 2-13: hdc in each hdc, and hdc, ch2, hdc in each ch2 space.
Row14: hdc in ea hdc to ch2 space, hdc in ch2 sp, ch1, hdc in next ch2 space.  This creates the arm hole. Hdc to next ch2 space, hdc in the ch2 space, ch1, hdc in the next ch2 space. Hdc in ea hdc to end. 
Row15: slip stitch to first hdc to join work into a circle. Sc in back loops only around, slst to first sc.
Row16: slst to join, do not turn. Ch4, skip a stitch, *dc, skip a st, repeat around.
Row 17: slst to join, do not turn. Ch1, sc around, slst to join. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Trim: using an H hook
I used the same color yarn, attach and sc around the neckline and opening on both sides, making chains for button holes on the left side.
Around each armhole, I attached same color and *(dc, ch1, sc)ss, slst in next stitch, repeat around.

Row18: attach second color to any stitch in the back, sc in each st in BLO around. Slst to join.
Row19: ch1, sc in joining st, skip 2 sc, *5dc ss, skip 2 sc, sc, repeat around, ending with a slst to join.
Row20: ch4, 2dc in joining st, *sc in third dc of next shell, 5dc ss in next sc, repeat around ending with sc in third dc of last shell. 2dc in last joining st to complete first shell, slst to third ch.
Repeat rows 19-20 until desired length. Repeat rows 19-20, using treble crochets for the last 2 rows.

On the last row before joining in the round, i used the Front Loops Only. I did this this ONLY for the sleeves, between the hdc,ch1,hdc spaces. This left an extra ridge for detail, it is not necessary.   

The extra ridge created.

On the left and right sides only, the stitch markers show where the extra ridge is, on the sleeve portion only.

Here the work is folded in half. You can see where it has been joined under the arms.

The front, after joining in the round.

Close up of trim work.

Scalloped sleeves.

 You may enjoy my patterns for free, even sell your finished projects, but please DO NOT claim my patterns or photos as your own and DO NOT sell them.


  1. Dear my friend, You have a very very pretty daughter..:)) God bless her.. I like the sweater that you took picture step by step. It is very useful for me as my English is so poor:))
    I will make a crochet sweater for my daughter then....
    All best wishes...
    I like your blog.. Thank you...

    1. Thank you! I hope there aren't too many errors in the pattern. We've lost electricity due to a storm and I wrote this during that time. Let me know me, please, if any corrections needed.

  2. vraiment sympa, des explications simples
    merci beaucoup !!


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