Sunday, January 29, 2012

Giraffe inspired dress*

Ta Da!! It is finally here!  The dress to complete my giraffe-themed baby set I have promised. This dress was so much fun to design and create. Lily is coming some time at the end of May, maybe June and I am so excited to meet her.  The anticipation for the baby shower is consuming me.  Even more exciting, the mama-to-be is an awesome photographer.  So, I am sure to get lots of great pics!  

Giraffe Dress 
Measurements, lying flat: newborn size, shoulder to bottom-12 ½”, Chest- 8 ¾”
Materials needed: Vanna’s Choice Mustard and Baby Bee Hushabye Chocolate worsted weight yarns, 5mm/H8 hook, 3 buttons
Starting with mustard chain 8 and place a stitch marker, ch12/mark, ch16/mark, ch12/mark, ch9.
Row1: hdc in second st from hook and in each stitch to marked st, hdc ch2 hdc in same stitch, hdc to next marked st, hdc ch2  hdc in ss, repeat across. Ch2 turn. (59hdc)
Rows2-8:* hdc in each hdc, (hdc,ch2,hdc) in each ch2 space, ch2 and turn at end *repeat across. (63hdc after row 2)
Row9: *hdc in ea hdc to ch2 sp. Fold top in halk lengthwise matching the ch2 spaces. Hdc in first ch sp, hdc in next ch sp, slip st to join tofirst hdc made on this row, ch 2 Do Not turn.  (64hdc) I don’t turn here to  create more texture. At this point you are looking at the inside of the dress top. We will flip it later.
Rows10-14: hdc in ea st,  slst to join to first hdc, ch, ch2.  On the last row (14), switch to Chocolate in last two loops for an invisible color change and ch1.
Row15: sc in joining st and ea st around, slst to first sc and ch4.
Row16: skip first st and *dc in next, ch1, skip a st, dc in next, repeat around, slst to top of ch4, ch1.  I had 30 ch1 spaces.
Row17:  sc in joining st and ea st around, switch back to Mustard in last two loops,  slst to first sc, and ch1
Row18: sc in joining st and ea st around, slst to first sc and ch 3.
Row19: (dc, ch1, 2dc)same stitch, two sc, *(2dc, ch1 2dc)ss,  skip two sc, repeat around, slst to top of ch3, sl in dc, slst in ch1 sp, and ch3.  I had 20 shells.
Rows20-28: repeat row 19. At end, fasten off yellow after only slst into top of ch3.
Row 29: attach Chocolate to ch1 sp, ch3, (dc, ch1, 2dc)ss, skip two sc, *(2dc, ch1 2dc)ss,  skip two sc, repeat around, slst to top of ch3, fasten off.
Chocolate Trim: neckline
Attach yarn to back left of top (where the botton loops start). Make sure you have the right side facing.
Row1: slst to attach, sc, (sc, ch2(or how long you need to fit around your button), sc) in same stitch, sc 2x, (sc, ch2, sc)ss, sc 2x, (sc, ch2, sc)ss,  2sc ss (this is at the corner), sc in each st to inside of ch2 space of row 2, sc2tog. Repeat around sc and sc2tog at inside corners. Ch1, turn.
Row2: repeat row 1, still sc2tog at inside corners. End with a slst and fasten off. Weave in ends.
Chocolate  Trim: armholes
Attach yarn to bottom of armhole in the front.
Row1: slst, sc around, slst to first sc, ch1. (26sc) Make sure not to sc onto any stitches from row 9. This does give you a slight hole, it’s supposed to be there from the ch2 spaces. If you sc into it, your sleeves will be too big.
Row2: sc into next sc (not joining), sc5x, hdc 3x, dc 6x, hdc 3x, sc 8x, slst. Fasten off. Repeat on the other armhole. Weave in ends.
Chocolate Circles:   Make 6 pieces working all 3 rounds. Make 5 pieces stopping after round 2. Make 7 pieces stopping after round 1.  Leave tails long for sewing onto the dress.
 6sc in a magic ring. Do NOT join or slst. Marking your first stitch helps.
Rnd1: 2sc in each sc around. (12sc)
Rnd2: sc in first sc, *2sc ss, sc in next, repeat around. (18sc)
Rnd3: *2sc ss, sc in next two sc, repeat around. (24sc)  
Weave in ends and sew onto the dress randomly.

Using Mustard chain until work measures “.  Weave belt through skipped stitches on row 16. Make Chocolate and Mustard tassels for the ends, attach.

 You may enjoy my patterns for free, even sell your finished projects, but please DO NOT claim my patterns or photos as your own and DO NOT sell them.


  1. How Cute! I have a great niece on the way . . she is supposed to be here mid June. This will be adorable.

    1. Thank you, Paula. I hope it isnt too warm for the little ones. I wasnt thinking, by the time they come, it will be a lot warmer than now. :)

  2. Hello.. This pattern will fit how many months old baby girl?

    1. Hi! it is a newborn size, so it may fit up to a 3 month old, depending on your baby. I would say you are safe if she is under 12 to 15 lbs.

  3. Can I share this pattern in hungarian on my blog? I would appear your blog name of course.

    1. Of course! I appreciate you asking and crediting me also :)


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